US President Donald Trump needs to splinter the FBI in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

The war against “child pornography” (i.e. pixels depicting horny teenagers doing sexy stuff) is the war against men, against masculinity, against male sexuality, against male sexual freedom, and against male sexual interests. The FBI is an illegitimate organization devoted to totalitarianism and the criminalization of harmless thoughts and harmless deeds. The war against the sinister pixels is waged by Puritans, Feminists, and Puritan-Feminists who hate sex, hate men, hate men having sex, hate youth, and hate young sex. They possess a false narrative of “victimization” which they use as a pretext to justify the abolition of freedom and privacy.

The FBI is composed of male Feminists (cucks) who seek to expand their own power at the expense of civilian liberty, and is supported by female Feminists (post-wall misandrist hags) who envy the immense sexual allure of 14-year-olds, 15-year-olds, 16-year-olds, and 17-year-olds. America is ruled by a coalition of sackless cucks and revolting hags, and this coalition of cucks and hags needs to be de-legitimized and ultimately replaced by a much more benevolent rule that is pro-male, pro-masculinity, pro-male-sexuality, and pro-youth.

Forbes reports:

It finally happened. The feds forced an Apple iPhone X owner to unlock their device with their face.

A child abuse investigation unearthed by Forbes includes the first known case in which law enforcement used Apple Face ID facial recognition technology to open a suspect’s iPhone. That’s by any police agency anywhere in the world, not just in America.

It happened on August 10, when the FBI searched the house of 28-year-old Grant Michalski, a Columbus, Ohio, resident who would later that month be charged with receiving and possessing child pornography. With a search warrant in hand, a federal investigator told Michalski to put his face in front of the phone, which he duly did. That allowed the agent to pick through the suspect’s online chats, photos and whatever else he deemed worthy of investigation.

The case marks another significant moment in the ongoing battle between law enforcement and tech providers, with the former trying to break the myriad security protections put in place by the latter. Since the fight between the world’s most valuable company and the FBI in San Bernardino over access to an iPhone in 2016, Forbes has been tracking the various ways cops have been trying to break Apple’s protections.

First came multiple cases in which suspects were told to unlock iPhones with their fingerprints, via Apple’s Touch ID biometric login. The same technique was then used on dead subjects. Earlier this year, this publication uncloaked GrayKey, a $15,000-$30,000 tool that could break through the passcodes of the latest iOS models, including the iPhone X. Another contractor, Israel’s Cellebrite, announced similar services.

Now Face ID is being used for the same purpose. Whilst the feds obtained a warrant, and appeared to have done everything within the bounds of the law, concerns remain about the use of such tactics.

“Traditionally, using a person’s face as evidence or to obtain evidence would be considered lawful,” said Jerome Greco, staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society. “But never before have we had so many people’s own faces be the key to unlock so much of their private information.”

When David Knight, special agent with the FBI, obtained Michalski’s cell and required the suspect to place his face in front of the device, instantly opening it, there were various items of interest inside, according to an affidavit for a search warrant of that iPhone X.

There were conversations over chat app Kik Messenger in which users discussed abuse of minors, according to the affidavit’s narrative. It was later discovered that Michalski had used Kik previously to talk with an undercover officer posing as a father interested in sex with children, Knight wrote. As per a previous Forbes investigation, Kik has had to deal with a vast number of child exploitation cases involving its platform, and promised to spend millions of dollars on fixing the problem.

Leading up to the seizure of the device, Knight had learned that Michalski had posted an ad on Craigslist titled “taboo,” the investigator wrote. Emails were later shared between Michalski and another defendant William Weekley in which they discussed, amongst other things, incest and sex with minors, according to Knight’s telling. That included sexual acts with a Jane Doe, whom Weekley referred to as his daughter. (Both defendants await trial. No date has been set yet).

Whilst Knight may’ve found some evidence of criminal activity when he manually searched the device, in one respect the forced Face ID unlock of the iPhone X was a failure. It wasn’t possible to siphon off all the data within using forensic technologies. That was because the passcode was unknown.

In modern iPhones, to hook the cellphone up to a computer and transfer files or data between the two, the passcode is required if the device has been locked for an hour or more. And forensic technologies, which can draw out far more information at speed than can be done manually, need the iPhone to connect to a computer.

It appears Knight didn’t keep the device open long enough and so couldn’t start pulling out data with forensic kits. He admitted he wasn’t able to get all the information he wanted, including app use and deleted files. What Knight did get he documented by taking pictures.

But he wasn’t to be frustrated entirely. In another revelation in the court filings, Knight noted he’d learned both the Columbus Police Department and the Ohio Bureau of Investigation had access to “technological devices that are capable of obtaining forensic extractions from locked iPhones without the passcode.” The only two companies known to have provided such services this year are Cellebrite and Grayshift.

Both those companies have been doing big business with the U.S. government of late. Grayshift scored its biggest order to date earlier this month, scoring a $484,000 deal with the Secret Service. That followed a $384,000 contract with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Secret Service spent $780,000 on Cellebrite in September too.

It’s unclear what the forensic examination of Michalski’s phone achieved. Earlier this week an executed warrant filing was signed off by Knight. In the inventory of what was taken from the device, all that was relayed in handwriting was: “Access to phone for digital info/data.” (In what’s likely a mistake, the executed warrant lists an iPhone 8, a model that doesn’t have Face ID and doesn’t appear in the affidavit). Forbes contacted the DOJ prosecutor on the case, Heather Hill, who said she couldn’t talk about specifics of the case or law enforcement investigative techniques.

“I do not have any knowledge of whether FaceID has been used to unlock an iPhone in any other investigations,” Hill added in an email.

Michalski’s lawyer Steven Nolder told Forbes the FBI wanted to use Cellebrite tools to extract data from the device, but hadn’t been succesful despite the Face ID unlock. “Consequently, at this moment, they’ve not found any contraband on the cellphone,” Nolder said over email. “That’s a Pyrrhic victory as there was contraband found on other devices but there would be no need to challenge the warrant’s facial recognition feature as my client was not harmed by its use.”

But Nolder said that the cops were now using boiler plate language in warrants to allow them to access iPhones via Face ID. “Law seems to be developing to permit this tactic,” Nolder added.

The reason you (Feminist twat) hate so-called “child pornography” is that you are a jealous bitch and a bored busybody who has nothing better to do with her pointless life than to police the sexual behavior of all men everywhere completely. And the FBI is engaged in a tyrannical endeavor to implement your Feminist lunacy, because the FBI is a power-hungry bureaucracy that is ever hungry for ever more power, and the sinister pixels are an excellent pretext for the FBI to become ever more powerful.

If the US were ruled by a ruler who is pro-male, pro-sex, and pro-male-sexuality, i.e. a Male Sexualist ruler, that ruler would legalize the possession and the distribution of all pixels, sinister and saintly alike. Pixels — both of the sinister variety and of the saintly variety, and everything in between — are not harmful, and sex with teenagers is likewise not harmful, but the Feds need you to think that pixels are harmful and that teenage sex is harmful because these two things are excellent pretexts to encroach on your civilian liberties.

Using your own technology against you, using your own facial recognition software against you, marks another nadir in the FBI’s ever accelerating descent to a fully-fledged fascist organization. It was said that religions shame their adherents about their own sexuality to control them, and now it should be said that Law Enforcement Agencies such as the FBI are using sex-hysteria, rape-hysteria, and pedo-hysteria (in other words: hysteria about normal male sexuality) to control the population with an iron fist. The Puritans, Feminists, and Puritan-Feminists at the FBI are zealous lunatics who’ll burn every man alive due to an irrational fear of young sexuality, cloaked in a misleading nomenclature about “victimization.” Teenagers are not victimized by sex, and pixels cannot actually be sinister.

As I said at the top of this post: splinter the FBI in a thousand pieces, and scatter it to the winds.