It is as obvious as the nose on your face that when a 10-year-old sees her older sister or her mother banging an alpha male Chad, she herself develops a desire to jump his bones and ride him in the cowboy position. It is as obvious as the nose on your face that if she proceeds to do it not once, not twice, but more than a dozen different times, it is because she is horny for the guy and not because of any coercion. And it is as obvious as the nose on your face that if the guy she has sex with is not clinically a pedophile, the sex occurs as a result of her pursuing him, not vice versa.

You are not capable of thinking straight about the matter, because you are unwilling to recognize the truth about females and about female sexuality, which is that girls, starting from a young age, sometimes a very young age, possess a volcanic desire to have sex with males whom they perceive to be high status. If you are opposed to 10-year-olds having sex, you should consider such sex to be misbehavior on the part of the girls, rather than on the part of the men they lust after. Being misbehavior on the part of the girls, the solution you ought to support is patriarchy, which is men having control over their wives and children. It is not men who need to be punished, but females who need to be controlled.

To control girls is hard, since they possess volcanic sex-drives, which is as good a reason as any to institute young marriage. A 10-year-old girl prone to sexual misbehavior should be married off, either before she has her way and bangs Chad, or shortly thereafter – a shotgun marriage, if need be.

Everything I wrote here is taken from Jim’s blog, which is the blog of the Restoration. These insights are self-evidently correct, anyone who investigates the subject with an open mind can see how glaringly true they are, and historically that has been the position of every prosperous civilization. The problem is girls misbehaving, not men misbehaving, and the solution is imposing chastity on girls, not on men. Whosoever deviates from this position shall see his civilization in decline, as modern Western Civilization is in decline. If you believe that 10-year-old girls are victimized by the high status alpha male Chads they lust after, by the high status alpha male Chads whom they bang in the cowboy position on 15 or so different occasions, you are blue pilled, i.e. deluded, about female sexuality (as a result of Puritan-Feminist propaganda), are a White Knight, and a Blue Knight.

I am not clinically a pedophile, but will proudly call myself a pedophile, because that is what my enemies call me. If possessing the positions which I possess makes me a pedophile, then all I have to say is: “They called me a pedophile, so I became one.” In the Current Year, if you are not a “pedophile,” then you are a blue pilled cuck. We are all “pedophiles,” and proud of it.