If the case of Cody Wilson doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what does.

The Daily Beast:

The founder of a an alt-right crowdfunding site and a 3D-gun printing company was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a child.

Cody Wilson, 30, became a favorite in fringe circles after he started selling blueprints for 3D printed guns, and launched Hatreon, the now-defunct platform he billed as “the #1 funding platform for the Alt Right.” But Wilson also used the internet to meet an underage girl for sex, Austin, Texas police allege. Wilson is currently in Taiwan, where he skipped a return flight back to the U.S., police announced Wednesday evening.

Wilson allegedly used a sugar daddy dating site to contact the minor, whom police only describe as being younger than 17, KVUE first reported. The girl told police that Wilson, using an alias, played up his fame, telling her he was a “big deal.”

Later they allegedly started communicating via text message and he identified as Cody Wilson, the controversial gun mogul.

On August 15, Wilson met her in person, according to an arrest affidavit filed in the case. Surveillance footage shows them entering an Austin hotel, where Wilson allegedly sexually assaulted her and paid her $500.

He was charged with a second degree felony count of sexual assault in which the perpetrator “intentionally or knowingly causes the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of a child by any means.”

In a Wednesday afternoon press conference, police said Wilson’s last known location was Taipei, Taiwan, and that they were working with international authorities to return him to the U.S. The nature of Wilson’s trip to Taiwan is unknown, and he sometimes travels there for business. Austin police said they believed Wilson skipped a scheduled flight back to the U.S. after receiving a tip that he was under investigation.

Translation: Cody Wilson had 100% consensual sex with a prostitute from a prostitute website (SugarDaddyMeet.com) who claimed to be 18+ but actually was 16, and now the US government is frantically searching for him so he can be extradited to the US from Taiwan and thrown in prison. Some people are saying that this was a setup.

Welcome to the club, Cody. You are now a pedophile, a child-molester, a kiddie-diddler, a child-abuser, a kid-fucker, and a child-rapist. That is what people from now on will call you for the rest of your life, or at least until the Male Sexualist movement triumphs; the only movement that will accept you from now on is Male Sexualism, which explicitly calls for the legalization of teenage prostitution, the legalization teenage pornography, and the legalization of everything to do with young sexuality.

Is there any non-Anglosphere country that treats its citizens that way?

(Maybe China)