Fuck the police, fuck the FBI, and fuck the assorted shills who shill for their tyranny!

The New York Daily News reports:

A 34-year-old Indiana man was sentenced to 160 years in prison on Thursday for impregnating a 10-year-old girl, who courageously testified against him.

The girl took the stand in Grant County earlier this year, telling the jury that Nicholas Thrash molested her at least 15 times. She was 11 when she gave birth to a boy last year.

“(The victim) was foremost in our mind during this case,” Grant County Prosecutor Jim Luttrull said after Thrash was found guilty of 10 counts of child molesting in August, according to the Chronicle-Tribune. “We appreciate an enormous amount of people … who offered their assistance to the victim, for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and all the work they provided in the case.”

The conviction is “something little compared to what (the victim) has gone through and what she will go through,” deputy prosecutor Lisa Glancy told the newspaper.

Thrash will have to serve a minimum of 132 of the 160 years, according to CBS 4 in Indiana.

The girl’s mother faces neglect and other charges, the Chronicle-Tribune reported earlier this year. Investigators say she discovered the pregnancy as her daughter was trying on dresses for a school dance, and told her to say a classmate is responsible.

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They did not even bother calling it “rape,” because the female wanted it as much as the male, if not more so. The fact of the matter is that 10-year-old females are often as horny as 13-year-old males, and 13-year-old males are very horny indeed. Sentencing the man to 160 years in prison for passionate sex with a horny 10-year-old female (who very much enjoyed the sex and did not want to testify against the man who “molested” her) is akin to sentencing a hot female teacher to 160 years in prison for giving a blowjob to her 13-year-old male student.

The United States has become a malignant tumor of Puritanism-Feminism. The AOC used to be 10 (and even 7) in many US States a century and a half ago, but then the Society for the Suppression of Vice and the Social Purity Movement happened, and here we are. This is, and has always been, a war against men and against male sexuality. And the only movement that is willing to speak this truth is Male Sexualism.