Blue Knights are like lawyers: they throw an infinity of (bad) arguments at you, hoping that at least one of them will stick; that the arguments tend to contradict each other is of no concern to them.

Take the issue of fertility and the AOC. To argue that you must not have sex with a prepubescent girl (e.g. one aged 10), they throw around the notion that it is “degenerate” because that type of sex does not lead to reproduction. They say that the girl’s infertility renders the sex “unnatural.”

But then, the Blue Knights turn around and say, “You must not have sex with a pubescent woman, because pregnancy is dangerous to her.”

Catch that? At first the argument was that the sex must not occur because “it is not natural to have infertile sex,” but then once the female becomes fertile, the argument switches to “you must not have sex with her because she might get pregnant.”

That’s why I say that the Blue Knights are a lawyerly, disingenuous bunch. Their arguments don’t make sense in light of each other, and yet they are using all of them simultaneously, because “why not.”

Of course, as Male Sexualists we can simply flip the script on the Blue Knights; we can argue that sex with 10-year-olds should be legal because there is no danger of getting them pregnant, and that sex with 13-year-olds should also be legal because their fertility proves that they are biologically ready for sex. And in our case, there isn’t even a contradiction between the two arguments; their premises aren’t mutually exclusive.

Now, the way to refute the first Blue Knight argument is to point out that sex need not depend on the female’s being in a state of fertility; women have lots of sex when they aren’t ovulating (even when they are in their periods and even while they are pregnant), they have sex when contraception is used, and they have sex past the age of fertility. So the idea that fertility must be a preliminary condition for sex is nonsense. The vaginas of 10-years-olds are already biologically suited for penetration.

The second Blue Knight argument is refuted by the fact that teen pregnancy, though not risk-free (what is risk-free, exactly?), is not a hazard; lots of teenagers go through it with no harm — in the real sense of the term — to themselves or to their children. Furthermore, that a pubescent female is fertile generally, does not mean she will necessarily become pregnant while having sex. The “risk” of getting pregnant may, or may not, exist.

Also, the Blue Knights are always telling us, “Teenagers don’t get pregnant easily, so that proves that they aren’t ready for sex yet.” That is part of the Blue Knight Catch-22. But if we don’t care about fertility or lack thereof, then this argument actually works in our favor: the teen only gets pregnant if she is physically ready for it, otherwise the sex is sterile (and thus “safe”).

At any rate, our position should be that fertility is impertinent to the issue; there should be no AOC, and sex should be allowed to happen once the person in question becomes a sexual entity, whenever that may be. Females start andrenarche between 8 and 10; males start being seriously and intensely sexual at 12 or so. (When it comes to masturbation, both fetuses and newborns, of both sexes, have been amply observed to masturbate; erotic feeling exists since the day one is born)

That females often become fully sexual entities between 8 and 10, while males become fully sexual entities at 12 or so, is to be expected from our knowledge of the fact that females mature several years earlier than males, as science has unequivocally established.

Many people, including normies, agree that 13-year-old men are ready for sex; and if logically consistent, rather than blinded by romantic emotions and notions, should agree that 9-year-old females are the sexual equivalent of 13-year-old males, and equally ready for sex.

The sexuality of young pre-pubescent girls has been documented extensively; fun examples can be found in Nancy Friday’s books, “My Secret Garden” and “Forbidden Flowers.” There is also lots of evidence on the internet, despite the frenetic attempts by our enemies to “purify” the internet of thought-crimes, knowledge-crimes, and documentation-crimes.

Anyway, a thing to notice about the Blue Knights is how quickly and easily they switch back-and-forth between right-wing type argumentation (“muh degeneracy”) and left-wing type argumentation (“muh victimization”). Both types of arguments are nonsense, but the Blue Knights are willing to disguise themselves as ideologues belonging to either or — bizarrely — both camps in their attempt to push anti-ism.

We Male Sexualists care exclusively about the truth, hence we are above the delusions of both the right-wing and the left-wing. We know that sexual entities need sex, benefit from sex, and often actively seek it out; and that the modern Puritan-Feninist criminalization, penalization, and pathologization of men’s natural sex with young females are policies and attitudes that are anti-male, evil, mad, and detrimental to civilizational prosperity and reproduction.

For men to be free as men, for civilization to progress rather than stagnate and regress, and for reproduction to be high, men must not be punished for being men, must not be punished for male sexuality, and therefore must not be punished for wild sex with young females. Only once we defeat both White Knightism and Blue Knightism will we be able to restore sanity to the modern sexual landscape and thus to all of civilization, which depends on there being a healthy (i.e. obsessed with neither “degeneracy” nor “victimization”) attitude towards sexuality in society.

Our enemies hate masculinity, hate sexuality, hate youth, and are likewise envious of men, the male sexual vigor, and youth. It is inevitable that our enemies will be defeated, as either we will overthrow them, or civilization will crumble with them.

The fact of the matter is that myriads of men who can significantly contribute to civilization are locked inside prison cells (where they often receive very harsh treatment) because of the anti-male, anti-sex, and anti-youth “sex-crime” legislation of today. Meanwhile, useless gibbering cucks are roaming around free. This state of affairs must end if we want civilizational progress to be restored and cease declining. Ending the insane system of modern Puritanism-Feminism is imperative if we are to revive civilizational greatness.

Mocking the Blue Knights for their being disingenuous, incoherent idiots is always a good thing. We must keep on the fight!