If you believe that having sex with a 13-year-old is A-Okay while having sex with a 12-year-old should merit one a bullet in the nape, you are insane, or evil, or dumb, or a combination thereof.

There is no fundamental difference between sex with a 13-year-old and sex with a 12-year-old, just as there is no difference between 16 and 15, or between 18 and 17. When the idea of sex with a 12-year-old fills you with EXPLOSIVE UNCONTROLLABLE RAGE while the idea of sex with a 13-year-old is shrugged off by you with a “meh, whatever bro,” there is something severely twisted in your thought patterns.

That is another absurdity inherent in modern Puritanism-Feminism: it doesn’t distinguish between degrees of “underage.” For a Blue Knight of the mainstream camp, sex with a 15-year-old is just as enraging as sex with a 10-year-old. Both gets you called a “pedophile” and denounced in the harshest terms.

This is in fact an aspect of all the tenets of Feminism. Take for example “rape.” Feminism makes absolutely no distinction between actual violently-forced sex and the “rape” of the “I regret it” variety. Being accused of “rape” due to either of those things gets you branded a “rapist,” and both things lead people to tell you that you have committed a “horrible, horrible crime.”

There is no reasoning with Puritan-Feminists because nothing about their worldview is reasonable. They are not logical people; they are driven by emotional triggers, usually mere words, i.e., if the state defines “underage” as “younger than 16” then sex with 15-year-olds madly enrages them, but if the state would define “underage” as “younger than 14” (as it does in some countries) than suddenly sex with 15-year-olds would not appear so horrible to them. But of course, the Age of Consent is always rising, as Puritanism-Feminism intensifies.

White Knights and Blue Knights are often shills of the government. They adhere zealously to whatever the government’s arbitrary version of ‘sex-crime’ legislation happens to be.

That’s is the idea I was trying to convey by coming up with the word “agecuck.” This whole “age X is super horrible whereas age X+1 is cool” way of looking at sex with teenagers is mad, and constitutes betrayal against fellow men. An arbitrary denunciation of some men is the epitome of malice.

You need to get fucking logical already and have a coherent worldview of sexuality. We know for a fact that girls sexually mature a few years earlier — not later! — than boys. And we know for a fact that boys sexually mature between 12 and 13. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out when, therefore, girls sexually mature. (Between 9 and 10, for those who can’t calculate) You just refuse to be logical because you’ve swallowed Romantic propaganda about “childhood” from the 19th century; hook, line, and sinker.

This is both absolutely logical and conforms perfectly well to real-life empirical observation of how girls behave. The facts are the facts, and denouncing me as a “peeeeedophile!!!1!” for stating the facts won’t change anything about reality.

I am not a pedophile. Nor would it matter if I were, but I am simply not one. I am an ideologue. I want you, the reader, to become an age-realist. For that purpose, I must necessarily Redpill you about the LQ (Loli Question). And that’s precisely what I’ve been doing.

Girls sometimes become extremely horny around 9 or 10. In fact, their vaginas can be penetrated by a penis (at least a small one) since around age 7, though at age 7 they are not yet burning with intense sexual desire. At age 10, they are sometimes lustful, and their vaginas can take in adult-sized penises with no problem at all; at age 12, it is even common for them to be lustful.

These are not “opinions.” These are simple biological facts. That’s what is observed when girls are observed. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the facts; they are still facts.

To be just, a sexual worldview must not be arbitrary, certainly not extremely so. Anything extremely arbitrary is both falsified regularly, and indeed — more importantly — is extremely evil. A just sexual worldview must be coherent, logical, factual, and empirical. That’s what Male Sexualism offers, and that’s how we are going to restore sexual sanity and sexual health within modern civilization.