Curtis Yarvin famously wrote, “The system may be Orwellian, but it has no Goebbels. It produces Gleichschaltung without a Gestapo. It has a Party line without a Party. A neat trick.”

That’s exactly how Puritanism-Feminism operates. The internet shill army is going out of its way to tell us that females reach sexual maturity not a day earlier than their 16th birthday. They are willing to acknowledge that historically nobody thought that to be the case, but then proceed to produce all kinds of incoherent mumbo-jumbo explanations why in this day and age females sexually mature at age 16 rather than, say, at age 12.

The Puritan-Feminist Party has not yet embraced the idea that boys only sexually mature at 16, and is still (reluctantly) willing to acknowledge that 13-year-old boys have reached sexual maturity.

Taken together, this makes for a topsy-turvy sexual worldview, a conception of young sexuality which is sheer mouth-frothing schizophrenic madness, given the undeniable fact that the science unequivocally states that females sexually mature much earlier than males.

If you are willing to admit that boys sexually mature at 13, should be willing to admit that girls sexually mature at 9 or 10. Alternatively, if you insist that females only sexually mature at 16, you need to argue that males only sexually mature at 19 or 20. The notion that males sexually mature before females is so utterly false, absurd, and detached from reality, that only a Puritan-Feminist shill can promote it.

Take for example the Sophisticated Shill “Hipster Racist.” (I capitalize the words “Sophisticated Shill” not because because they should be capitalized, but only for emphasis)

Back in 2015, before pedohysteria metastasized so severely, the Sophisticated Shill had no problem writing a story — fictional or truthful, doesn’t matter — which contained the following:

“Now, Amanda had gone to high school with us. My first memory of Amanda is helping her break into her father’s house. Of course, her father was obviously rich as shit, judging by the house. I mean, I asked her what was up. She said she hated her father. I said why? She didn’t want to talk about it, and Amy – you know, the little Blondie slip of a thing I had been fucking since she was 15 – just gave me a look that basically said “don’t ask.” Amanda said, “the things he did to me, he owes me. I’d take every fucking cent he had just to get away from him.””

Remember, even as late as in 2015, the Puritan-Feminist Party Line was that having sex with a 15-year-old woman might be acceptable, however, only as long as you’re still a teenager yourself; this despite the fact that 15-year-old women are usually dripping wet for men in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s. In 2018, the Puritan-Feminist Party Line has become more rigid: no sex with females younger than 16, period!

And so, the Sophisticated Shill urges his readers that 16, specifically, should be designated the age when a female sexually matures. Using a logic so convoluted that it’d make the Talmudic rabbis blush, he writes:

“When a boy reaches puberty, either by age or perhaps even some physical indication, you have a confirmation of sorts; this is the community recognition of a boy becoming a man, or at the least a boy starting the journey to manhood.

“For girls, this is a bit more complicated. In the agricultural age, this might even be timed with the onset of menses, however in industrial societies, for whatever reason, the onset of menses happens far too early to be a good indicator. Girls get their periods at ten years old and start having breasts at eleven. Plus human females evolved to hide their ovulation and this fact of evolution should be respected. So maybe just set an age – 16 – and leave it at that. You would celebrate a girl becoming a woman, and for both young boys/men and young girls/women, you need to celebrate their transition into sexual maturity and adulthood. This has a community function as well, because it indicates that the girl and boy are now “open for marriage prospects.””

So now we know exactly what the Puritan-Feminist Party Line is: males are ready for sex and marriage at 13, which is the age that marks male puberty; females are ready for sex and marriage at 16. Why? Hipster Racist the Sophisticated Shill doesn’t provide any actual explanation; he refuses to accept the biological reality that females (often) sexually mature around age 10 or so, and contents himself with mumbling some weird non-sequitur line about hidden ovulation or something.

Hipster Racist, you have written about sex with a 15-year-old, and unless TPTB one day decide to simply abolish the entire internet, this writing that has been written by yourself won’t be un-written. You can denounce your former blasphemy and vocally proclaim that all sexual relations with females younger than 16 are “horrible child abuse,” but again, that which was written will not magically become un-written. You have only two options here: admit that you’re nothing but an actor hired to spout your paymasters’ Party Line regardless of what you had believed the previous day; or pretend that you have not been exposed as the insincere shill that you are.

Funny enough, the ability to doublethink is strong with Hipster Racist the Sophisticated Shill. Take for example what he wrote in 2015 at Ted Colt’s blog:

“I write about teenage sexuality on my blog all the time because, well, I lived it. Yeah, 13 year old girls are horny little things – they get “hotpants” – and being prudish about it doesn’t do anyone any good. Sure, 13 is too young for sex, but 16 probably isn’t.”

You see – I know perfectly well why I call him the “Sophisticated Shill.” He will tell you that yes, 13-year-old females are horny; that their vaginas are wet; that he knows it from personal experience; that he writes about it frequently; and that one should not be prudish about it – and then he concludes his point by spewing the standard Puritan-Feminist Party Line: “13 bad, 16 good.” This is classic Orwellian doublethink. He does not want to admit that his Party Line is crazy. He is probably incapable of admitting that, even to himself.

By the way, Ted Colt’s blogpost there is not too bad; could be much worse, in fact. Unlike Hipster Racist the Sophisticated Shill, Ted is even willing to admit that it’s normal for men to be sexually attracted to adolescents. He wrote in that post:

““Girls” are “good to go” around 13 years old. That’s part of what makes teen pregnancy such a problem in a society where we’re trying to get our “girls” a little more education before we send them off into the world. Age of consent may be a worthwhile rule to enforce, but we’re not really enforcing it to care for the physical well-being of our young females. Implying that men are sexually aberrant for experiencing sexual attraction to sexually capable women is criminalizing natural male sexuality. Sure, I’ll agree not to fuck girls under age 18 and file that along with not fucking women to whom I’m not married. that’s civilization. It’s the Patriarchy that invented it, so we know.

“But if you think nubile 14-year-old women aren’t sexually attractive, you’re an idiot.”

The thing is, like Hipster Racist the Sophisticated Shill, Ted is still ultimately loyal to the system. He does not believe that we men must rise up in rebellion against the legislation that criminalizes our sexuality; he views the AOC not as an affront against patriarchy, but as an extension thereof. Even while recognizing that teenagers are sexually mature and sexually attractive, he still chooses to toe the Feminist line.

As was discussed here, the support for AOC legislation among married fathers stems from their desire to prolong the infancy of their daughters as much as possible. They possess a romantic conception of “childhood” at odds with the entire history of the human species; a conception of “childhood” that merely serves the selfish desire of parents to feel like they are “protecting their progeny” regardless of the latter having absolutely no need of such intrusive “protection.”

On an optimistic note, I believe that we may soon see the tide beginning to turn against the Puritan-Feminist madness. Just as White Knightism has become unfashionable in many places on the internet, it may be that Blue Knightism, too, will eventually become unfashionable; as more and more people realize that the criminalization of young sex is the criminalization of nature itself, a Male Sexualist revolution will slowly but surely commence to materialize. That’s what we should be aiming for.

The belief-system of our enemies is evil, mad, and self-destructive, and they probably won’t be able to maintain it for long. Puritanism-Feminism may still be immensely powerful, but it’s beginning to lose steam – to diminish in popularity. Just as pedohysteria rose to fashion, it can stop being fashionable – provided we maintain the effort to defeat it. Most men should be on our side, and nowadays it seems that many men are quietly moving over to our side.

We just need to keep on fighting. We can win this thing.